School of Physical Sciences at Jawaharlal Nehru University


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Address:  New Delhi,  
110 067
Phone:  +91-11-6189701
Fax:  +91-11-6194137
Chair: Dr. Ram Ramaswamy
General Department Info
  Masters Doctorate
Staff & Student
Faculty: 13

  Staff: 5
Post Docs: 3

  Grads: 30
Under Grads: 0

  The major research areas of interest include computational physics, condensed matter physics, disordered systems, materials science, nonlinear dynamics, nonlinear optics, quantum chaos, quantum field theory,and statistical mechanics

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Science Quote

'In a way science is a key to the gates of heaven, and the same key opens the gates of hell, and we do not have any instructions as to which is which gate. Shall we throw away the key and never have a way to enter the gates of heaven? Or shall we struggle with the problem of which is the best way to use the key?'

Richard Phillips Feynman

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