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Physics at University of Maryland


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Address:  Physics Building
College Park, MD
Phone:  301.405.3401
Fax:  301.314.9525
Chair: Dr. Jordan A. Goodman
General Department Info
  Bachelors Masters Doctorate
Staff & Student
Nobels: 1
Faculty: 74

  Staff: 150
Post Docs: 60

  Grads: 180
Under Grads: 169

  Astro Metrology,Center for Superconductivity Research, Condensed Matter, Gravitation Experiment, High Energy Physics with Accelerators, Materials Research Science & Engineering Center, Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos (currently ranked #1 by US News!), Nuclear Physics, Particle Astrophysics, Physics Education Research Group, Plasma Physics, Quantum Electronics: Relativity & Quantum Mechanics, Research & Innovation in Physics Education, Space Physics, Superconducting Quantum Computing Theoretical Groups: Condensed Matter, Dynamical Systems & Accelerator Theory, Elementary Particles, Gravitation Theory, Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos (currently ranked #1 by US News!), Plasma Physics, Quarks, Hadrons & Nuclei, Superconducting Quantum Computing
Facilities:  Condensed Matter Theory Center (CMTC); Center for Particle & String Theory (CPST); Center for Superconductivity Research (CSR), Charged Particles Beam Research Facility, Chemical Physics Program, East-West Space Science Center (EWSSC), Institute for Physical Science and Technology (IPST), Institute for Plasma Research (IPR), Institute for Systems Research (ISR), Materials Research Science & Engineering Center (MRSEC), Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS)

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