Good Grad: Conclusions

How to Be a Good Graduate Student
by Marie desJardins

In addition to the papers I have cited directly in the article, I found a variety of other resources to be useful, and have included them in the References section.

The UC Berkeley 'Graduate' is a newsletter published by the UC Berkeley Graduate Division with articles of general interest to graduate students. I found this publication very informative both during graduate school and while writing this article. A number of particularly interesting articles are included in the References section.

Several articles ([bundy], [bental], [chapman]) give general advice on graduate school and doing research. Guidelines and suggestions for reviewing papers are given in [smith] and [shriver].

A number of articles on writing proposals and successfully applying for research grants are available ([somerville], [white-proposals], [white-grants], [lefferts]).

Graduate school is not an easy process, and too many students are thwarted and intimidated by unsupportive or unskilled advisors, lack of knowledge about what graduate school is all about, inflexible bureaucracies, and a myriad of other obstacles. I have tried to give advice that graduate students and caring advisors can use to lessen some of these obstacles.

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