Where is mercury found in the world?
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Mercury (atomic symbol Hg) is a liquid at room temperature. Finding large pools of the element is for all purposes impossible, and finding it in its native state is also fairly rare. The mineraloid is usually found in the ore cinnabar (HgS) where it must go through a heating and condensing process to be obtained. Mercury may also occasionally be found with Silver.

Globally, mercury is most commonly 'produced' in Spain, particularly from the Almaden mine which is known for its high quality mercury. It may also be obtained from Yugoslavia, the United States (mainly California), and Italy.
Answered by: Jonathan Lashier, Student at ASU, Tempe, Arizona

Mercury is obtained from an ore called cinnabar or another called calomel. The places cinnabar and calomel can be mined in the world (quoting are as follows:

'The locality that yields the most and the finest Native Mercury for collectors is Almad�n, Ciudad Real, Spain. There, small blobs are found in the associating Cinnabar. Many small blobs have also come from the mercury mines in Idrija, in former Yugoslavia. In the U.S., Mercury occurs in the Almaden and New Almaden mines in Santa Clara Co., California; the Socrates Mine, Sonoma Co., California; and Idria, San Benito Co., California. Small quantities of Mercury also occur in Arkansas and Texas.'

More fascinating information about this unique metal can be directly found at:
Answered by: Selquan Synfallan, Computer Programmer, Rutland Vermont

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