Physics and Astronomy Departments in Australia

31 Departments

 University/College Department  Location
1.    Australian Defence Force Academy   School of Physics   Canberra  
2.    Australian National University   Physics   Acton  
3.    Australian National University   Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering   Canberra  
4.    Curtin University of Technology   Department of Applied Physics   Perth  
5.    Edith Cowan University   School of Engineering and Mathematics   Perth  
6.    Flinders University   School of Chemistry, Physics & Earth Sciences   Adelaide  
7.    Griffith University   Physics Group, School of Science   Brisbane  
8.    James Cook University   School of Mathematical & Physical Sciences   Townsville  
9.    La Trobe University   Physics   Bundoora  
10.    Macquarie University   Physics   Sydney  
11.    Monash University   School of Physics and Materials Engineering   Victoria  
12.    Murdoch University   Department of Physics & Energy Studies   Rockingham  
13.    Northern Territory University   Physics   Darwin  
14.    Queensland University of Technology   School of Physical Sciences   Queensland  
15.    RMIT University   Department of Applied Physics   Melbourne  
16.    Swinburne University of Technology   School of Biophysical Sciences & Electrical Engineering   Hawthorn  
17.    University of Adelaide   Department of Physics and Mathematical Physics   Adelaide  
18.    University of Canberra   Physical Sciences   Canberra  
19.    University of Melburne   School of Physics   Victoria  
20.    University of New England   Physics   Armidale  
21.    University of New South Wales   School of Physics   Sydney  
22.    University of Newcastle   Physics   Callaghan  
23.    University of Queensland   Physics   Queensland  
24.    University of South Australia   Applied Physics, School of Electrical and Information Engineering   Adelaide  
25.    University of Southern Queensland   Department of Biological & Physical Sciences   Toowoomba  
26.    University of Sydney   School of Physics   New South Wales  
27.    University of Tasmania   Department of Mathematics and Physics   Hobart  
28.    University of Technology   Department of Applied Physics   Broadway  
29.    University of Western Australia   School of Physics   CRAWLEY  
30.    University of Western Sydney   Physics   Sydney  
31.    University of Wollongong   Physics   Wollongong  

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