Gifts Sale - for science moms, dads & grads
Gifts Sale - for science moms, dads & grads

Physics and Astronomy Departments in Japan

28 Departments

 University/College Department  Location
1.    Aoyama Gakuin University   Physics   Satagayaku Tokyo  
2.    Chiba University   Physics   Chiba  
3.    Chuo University   Physics   Tokyo  
4.    Gakushuin University   Physics   Tokyo  
5.    Hiroschima University   Department of Physical Science   Higashi-Hiroshima  
6.    Hokkaido University   Division of Physics   Sapporo  
7.    Kanazawa University   Department of Computational Science   Kanazawa  
8.    Kobe University   Physics   Kobe  
9.    Konan University   Physics   Konan  
10.    Kyoto University   Physics   Kyoto  
11.    Kyushu University   Physics   Fukuoka-city  
12.    Meiji University   Physics   Kanagawa  
13.    Nagoya University   Department of Physics and Astrophysics   Nagoya  
14.    Nihon University   Physics   Fukushima  
15.    Okayama University   Physics   Okayama  
16.    Osaca City University   Physics   Osaka  
17.    Osaka University   Research Center for Nuclear Physics   Osaka  
18.    Rikkyo University   Physics   Rikkyo  
19.    Saitama University   Physics   Saitama  
20.    Seikei University   Department of Applied Physics   Musasino-shi Tokyo  
21.    Shizuoka University   Physics   Shizuoka  
22.    Tohoku University   Physics   Sendai  
23.    Tokushima University   Physics   Tokushima  
24.    Tokyo Institute of Technology   Physics   Tokyo  
25.    Tokyo Metropolitan University   Physics   Tokyo  
26.    University of Tokyo   Institute of Physics   Komaba  
27.    University of Tsukuba   Department of Applied Physics   Ibaraki  
28.    Waseda University   Department of Applied Physics   Tokyo  

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