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Gifts Sale - for science moms, dads & grads

Physics and Astronomy Departments in Russian_Federation

23 Departments

 University/College Department  Location
1.    Altai State University   Physics   Barnaul  
2.    Barnual State Pedagogical University   Physics   Barnaul  
3.    Irkutsk Scientific Sentre   Laser Physics Institute   Irkutsk  
4.    Joint Institute for Nuclear Research   Department of Nuclear Physics   Dubna  
5.    Kazan State University   Physics   Kazan  
6.    Lebedev Physical Institute   Physical Institute   Moscow  
7.    Lomonosov Moscow State University   Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics   Moscow  
8.    Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology   Institute of Physics and Technology   Dolgoprudny  
9.    Moscow State University   Physics Department   Moscow  
10.    Nizhni Novhorod State University   Radio Physics Department   Nizhni Novgorod  
11.    Novosibirsk State University   Physics   Novosibirsk  
12.    Petrozavodsk University   Faculty of Physics   Karelia  
13.    Russian Academy of Sciences   General Physics Institute   Moscow  
14.    Saint-Petersburg State University   Institute of Physics   Saint Petersburg  
15.    Saratov State University   Laboratory of Nonlinear Dynamics   Saratov  
16.    St. Petersburg State Technical University   Faculty of Physics and Mechanics   St. - Petersburg  
17.    St. Petersburg State University   Faculty of Physics   St. Petersburg  
18.    Technical University of Chelyabins   Faculty for Applied Mathematics & Physics   Celyabinsk  
19.    Tomsk Polytechnic University   Physical-Technical Department   Tomsk  
20.    Tomsk State University   Physics    
21.    Tyumen State University   Faculty of Physics   Tyumen  
22.    Ural State Technical University   Physics   Ekaterinburg  
23.    Voronezh State University   Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics   Voronezh  

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