Physics and Astronomy Departments in Spain

57 Departments

 University/College Department  Location
1.    Autonomy University of Barcelona   Physics   Ballaterra  
2.    Autonomy University of Madrid   Department of Condensed Matter Physics   Madrid  
3.    Autonomy University of Madrid   Department of Applied Physics   Cantoblanco, Madrid  
4.    Autonomy University of Madrid   Department of Theoretic Physics   Cantoblanco, Madrid  
5.    Catholic University San Antonio   Physics   Guadalupe  
6.    Complutense University   Physics   Madrid  
7.    Complutense University   Department of Astrophysics   Madrid  
8.    CSIC   Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia   Granada  
9.    E.U.I.T.   Department of Astronomy   Madrid  
10.    Institute of Astrophysics   Department of Astrophysics   La Laguna  
11.    Politechnic University of Cataluna   Department of Physics & Nuclear Engineering   Barcelona  
12.    Politechnic University of Valencia   Department of Applied Physics   Valencia  
13.    Politecnic University of Cartagena   Department of Applied Physics   Cartagena  
14.    Public University of Navarra   Physics   Pamplona  
15.    Public University of Navarra   Physics   Pamplona  
16.    Saint Louis University   Physics   Madrid  
17.    The University of the Basque Country   Department of Theoretical Physics and History of Science   Bilbao  
18.    University Alfonso X El Sabai   Department of Physical Science   Madrid  
19.    University Carlos III de Madrid   Physics   Madrid  
20.    University Carlos III of Madrid   Physics   Leganes  
21.    University Miguel Hernandez de Elche   Physics   Orihuela  
22.    University of Rovira i Virgili   Chemistry & Physics   Tarragona  
23.    University of Alcalá   Physics   Alcalá de Henares  
24.    University of Alicante   Physics   Alicante  
25.    University of Almeria   Department of Applied Physics   Almeria  
26.    University of Barcelona   Physics   Barcelona  
27.    University of Burgos   Physics   Burgos  
28.    University of Cadiz   Department of Applied Physics   Cadiz  
29.    University of Cadiz   Department of Condensed Matter Physics   Cadiz , AA
30.    University of Cantarbia - CSIS-UC   Physics   Santander  
31.    University of Castilla - La Mancha   Department of Applied Physics   Ciudad Real  
32.    University of Cordoba   Department of Applied Physics & Medical Physics   Córdoba  
33.    University of Coruna   Physics   Bastiagueiro-Oleiros  
34.    University of Extremadura   Physics   Badajoz  
35.    University of Girona   Department of Physics   Girona  
36.    University of Granada   Physics   Granada  
37.    University of Huelva   Department of Applied Physics & Engeneering   Huelva  
38.    University of Illes Balears   Department of Physics   Palma de Mallorca  
39.    University of Jaén   Physics   Jaén  
40.    University of La Laguna   Physics   La Laguna  
41.    University of Las Palmas - Gran Canaria   Physics   Las Palmas  
42.    University of Leon   Physics   Leon  
43.    University of Malaga   Department of Applied Physics   Malaga  
44.    University of Murcia   Physics   Murcia  
45.    University of Navarra   Departament of Physics and Applied Mathematics   Pamplona  
46.    University of Oviedo   Fundamental Physics Group   Oviedo  
47.    University of Oviedo   Department of Chemical Physics & Analytics   Oviedo  
48.    University of Salamanca   NUCLEAR PHYSICS GROUP   Salamanca  
49.    University of Salamanca   Department of General and Atmospheric Physics   Salamanca  
50.    University of Santiago de Compostela   Department of Physics   Santiago de Compostela  
51.    University of Sevilla   Faculty of Physics   Sevilla  
52.    University of Valencia   Department of Applied Physics   Valencia  
53.    University of Valladolid   Physics   Valladolid  
54.    University of Vigo   Department of Physical Chemistry   Vigo  
55.    University of Zaragoza   Department of Applied Physics   Zaragoza  
56.    University of Zaragoza   Department of Theoretical Physics   Zaragoza  
57.    University Rey Juan Carlos   Physics   Madrid  

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