Physics and Astronomy Departments in USA

15 Departments
Department Location
1.    Central Missouri State University   Chemistry & Physics   Warrensburg
2.    Missouri Southern State College   Physics, Pre-Engineering and Geology   Joplin
3.    Missouri Western State College   Computer Sciencs, Math & Physics   St. Joseph
4.    Northwest Missouri State University   Chemistry & Physics   Maryville
5.    Rockhurst University   Physics Department   Kansas City
6.    Southeast Missouri State University   Physics   Cape Girardeau
7.    Southwest Baptist University   Chemistry & Physics   Bolivar
8.    Southwest Missouri State University   Physics, Astronomy & Materials Science   Springfield
9.    Truman State University   Physics   Kirksville
10.    University of Missouri   Physics & Astronomy   Columbia
11.    University of Missouri   Physics   Rolla
12.    University of Missouri   Physics & Astronomy   St. Louis
13.    University of Missouri - KC   Physics   Kansas City
14.    Westminster College   Physics   Fulton
15.    William Jewell College   Physics & Pre-Ingineering   Liberty

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