Physics & Astronomy at Vanderbilt University


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Address:  Vanderbilt Univ Dept of Physics and Astronomy
Box 1807 Station B
Nashville, TN
Phone:  (615) 322-2828
Fax:  (615) 343-7263
Chair: Dr. David J. Ernst
General Department Info
  Bachelors Masters Doctorate
Staff & Student
Faculty: 28

  Staff: 29
Post Docs: 29

  Grads: 51
Under Grads: 16

  Applied Physics Astronomy/Astrophysics Atomic, Molecular, & Optical Physics Biophysics Condenssed Matter Physics Free Electron Lasers Materials Physics Medical & Health Physics Nuclear Physics Particles & Fields
Facilities:  Vanderbilt Free-Electron Laser Center Member, University Radioactivity Ion Beam Consortium and Joint Institute for Heavy-Ion Research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory Dyer Observatory Nanofabrication Laboratory Magnetic Imaging Facility Vanderbilt University Physics Analysis Cluster Computing

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