Physics, Computer Science & Engineering at Christopher Newport University


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Address:  1 University Place
Newport News, VA
Phone:  (757) 594-7065
Fax:  (757) 594-7919
Chair: Dr. Martin Buoncristiani
General Department Info
  Bachelors Masters
Staff & Student
Faculty: 17

  Staff: 4
Post Docs: 9

  Grads: 51
Under Grads: 563

  • Nuclear Physics
  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • Lasers and Photonics
  • Instrumentation and Sensor Development
  • High Speed Data Acquisition
  • Signal Processing
  • Neural Networks
  • Man Machine Interface
  • Artificial Intelligence
Facilities:  6 teaching and research laboratories on campus
  • Hunter Creech Computer Lab (UNIX)
  • 2 Multimedia Labs
  • Engineering Electronics Lab
  • Engineering Projects Lab
  • Information Systems Lab
3 modern research laboratories at the nearby Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
  • Laser and Photonics Lab
  • Solid State Sensor Lab
  • Advanced Circuits and Multimedia Lab

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