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Physics & Astronomy at University of British Columbia


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Address:  6224 Agricultural Road
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6T 1Z1
Phone:  604-822-3853
Fax:  604-822-5324
Chair: Dr. Jeff Young
General Department Info
  Bachelors Masters Doctorate
Staff & Student
Nobels: 1
Faculty: 57

  Staff: 43
Post Docs: 33

  Grads: 150
Under Grads: 450

  Particle Physics, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Laser Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Condensed Matter Physics, Gravity and Relativity, Biophysics, Medical Physics, Applied Physics, Subatomic Physics, Engineering Physics
Facilities:  Student Machine Shop, Machine Shop, Electronic Shop, Student Computer Labs, AMPEL, TRIUMF, Videoconference Facility, He3/He4 Refrigerators, Molecular Beam Epitaxy Facility, Scanning Tunnelling Microscope, Xray Difractometers, NMR and ESR Spectrometers, Magnetron Sputtering Facility, Microwave and mm-wave Facilities, Far-infrared Fourier Spectrometers, Raman Spectrometer, High Resolution Infrared Interferometers, Tuneable Ring Dye Laser, Hypervelocity Impact Facility, Galactic Radio-Patrol Image Processing Facility, Ultrafast Plasma Diagnostics Facility, Next Linear Collider Accelerator R&D Facility, UBC Hospital, DNA Sequencing Instrumentation Facility, Beowolf Supercomputer Cluster, Subatomic Computing Server, Liquid Mirror Telescope Instrumentation Facility, Theory Center Computing Cluster

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