Physics Cartoons by Rick London

The day Rick London sent us one of his cartoons via e-mail was a bright day at! There is nothing better than discovering a new cartoonist who 'cracks you up'! We visited his website and discovered more great cartoons. We also discovered that Rick is quite a character and that he is a firm believer in using humor as a therapy. Well, Rick thanks for improving our lives and for giving us sore bellies!

Rick has plenty of great non-science related cartoons, so if you like what you see on this page, visit the London's Times website for more.

ABOUT Rick London

Rick London and Thor

Rick London is the creator and founder of London's Times and Panel Hollywood Cartoons. He creates all concepts and writes all text. He was born in Hattiesburg, MS and now makes his home in Arkansas. He has worked as a standup comedian, a playwright and tv/radio producer in Washington, D.C., New York, and Los Angeles.

Hence the launching of Londons Times and later Panel Hollywood, and even later Shlockwave TV, the net's first cartoon music videos. Londons Times has appeared in newspapers such as USM's Wag, The Hot Springs Sentinel, and international farming publication 'The Grass Farmer'.

He is an outspoken proponent (and sufferer) of using humor in the fight against depression as as adjunct to traditional and nontraditional therapies. He is considered a fun and motivational/inspirational speaker and is available for speaking engagements. Click here to learn more about Rick London.

CARTOON by Rick London / Johann Wessels

Rick London Woodchuck Physics
... and you thought your physics class was difficult ...

CARTOON by Rick London / Johann Wessels

No comments ...

CARTOON by Anthony 'Mitch' Michell / Rick London

Now it all makes sense ...

CARTOON by Rick London / Rich Diesslin

Ah, the wonders of gravity continue ...

CARTOON by Rick London / Joel Coughlin

Ok, this is not physics but it is funny ...

All cartoons presented on this page are copyrighted by London's Times and Rick London and are posted with permission from the author.

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