Physics and Astronomy News Archive: October 2007

Image: Discovery at the Pad
Discovery at the Pad
Source: NASA   Posted: 10/7/07
Space shuttle Discovery is scheduled for launch on October 23rd to deliver Harmony 2 module to the International Space Station.

Image: Shining Light On Mysterious 'Dark Matter'
Shining Light On Mysterious 'Dark Matter'
Source: FSU   Posted: 10/7/07
The evidence for dark matter is becoming overwhelming, and we may be a step closer to the identification of its nature.

Image: Physics Professor Probes Superconductivity
Physics Professor Probes Superconductivity
Source: MIT   Posted: 10/7/07
Research team at MIT is making progress at understanding high-temperature superconductors by using scanning tunneling microscopy techniques.

Image: Geologists Recover Rocks From San Andreas Fault
Geologists Recover Rocks From San Andreas Fault
Source: NSF   Posted: 10/7/07
For the first time, geologists have extracted intact rock samples from two miles beneath the surface of the San Andreas Fault, the infamous rupture that runs 800 miles along the length of California.

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