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Physics and Astronomy News Archive: February 2008

Image: Bye, Bye Ulysses
Bye, Bye Ulysses
Source: JPL/NASA   Posted: 2/27/08
The joint NASA and European Space Agency Ulysses mission to study the sun and its influence on surrounding space is likely to cease operations in the next few months.

Image: Color-Coding Atoms
Color-Coding Atoms
Source: Cornell   Posted: 2/27/08
A new electron microscope is enabling scientists for the first time to form images that uniquely identify individual atoms in a crystal and see how those atoms bond to one another. And in living color.

Image: MIT Creates Gecko-Inspired Bandage
MIT Creates Gecko-Inspired Bandage
Source: MIT   Posted: 2/27/08
Researchers have created a waterproof adhesive bandage inspired by gecko lizards that may soon join sutures and staples as a basic operating room tool for patching up surgical wounds or internal injuries.

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