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Physics and Astronomy News Archive: March 2012

Image: Nuclear Clock Accurate Over Billions of Years
Nuclear Clock Accurate Over Billions of Years
Source: GATech   Posted: 3/23/12
A clock accurate to within a tenth of a second over 14 billion years – the age of the universe – is the goal of research being reported this week by scientists from three different institutions.

Image: Detection of a cosmic effect
Detection of a cosmic effect
Source: Princeton   Posted: 3/23/12
The first observation of a cosmic effect theorized 40 years ago could provide astronomers with a more precise tool for understanding the forces behind the universe's formation and growth, including the enigmatic phenomena of dark energy and dark matter.

Image: Cassini Detects Hint of Fresh Air at Dione
Cassini Detects Hint of Fresh Air at Dione
Source: NASA/JPL   Posted: 3/2/12
NASA's Cassini spacecraft has 'sniffed' molecular oxygen ions around Saturn's icy moon Dione for the first time, confirming the presence of a very tenuous atmosphere.

Image: Squeezing Uncertainty
Squeezing Uncertainty
Source: GATech   Posted: 3/2/12
Squeezing what hasn’t been squeezed before: Scientists score another victory over uncertainty in quantum physics measurements.

Image: Negative Refraction
Negative Refraction
Source: Oregon State   Posted: 3/2/12
Researchers have discovered a way to make a low-cost material that might accomplish negative refraction of light and other radiation.

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