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Physics and Astronomy News Archive: July 2011

Image: How to grow wires and tiny plates
How to grow wires and tiny plates
Source: MIT   Posted: 7/16/11
Researchers at MIT have found a way to grow submicroscopic wires in water with great precision, using a method that makes it possible to produce entire electronic devices through a liquid-based process.

Image: Air Power
Air Power
Source: Gatech   Posted: 7/16/11
New device captures ambient electromagnetic energy to drive small electronic devices.

Image: The Final Space Shuttle Mission: STS-135
The Final Space Shuttle Mission: STS-135
Source: NASA   Posted: 7/8/11
'Awesome' Launch for Atlantis. This is the final space shuttle mission. Truly, an end of an era.

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'The strength and weakness of physicists is that we believe in what we can measure. And if we can't measure it, then we say it probably doesn't exist. And that closes us off to an enormous amount of phenomena that we may not be able to measure because they only happened once. For example, the Big Bang. ... That's one reason why they scoffed at higher dimensions for so many years. Now we realize that there's no alternative... '

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