Physics and Astronomy News Archive: September 2009

Image: World's Smallest Semiconductor Laser
World's Smallest Semiconductor Laser
Source: Berkeley   Posted: 9/7/09
Researchers have reached a new milestone in laser physics by creating the world's smallest semiconductor laser, capable of generating visible light in a space smaller than a single protein molecule.

Image: Robots Swim With the Fishes
Robots Swim With the Fishes
Source: MIT   Posted: 9/7/09
Borrowing from Mother Nature, a team of MIT researchers has built a school of swimming robo-fish that slip through the water just as gracefully as the real thing, if not quite as fast.

Image: Carbon Nanotube Detects Colors of the Rainbow
Carbon Nanotube Detects Colors of the Rainbow
Source: Sandia   Posted: 9/7/09
Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories have created the first carbon nanotube device that can detect the entire visible spectrum of light.

Image: Acoustic Tweezers Move Tiny Objects
Acoustic Tweezers Move Tiny Objects
Source: PSU   Posted: 9/7/09
Manipulating tiny objects like single cells often requires relatively large, unwieldy equipment, but now a system that uses sound as a tiny tweezers can be small enough to place on a chip.

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