In - Indium


Atomic Number: 49
Atomic Weight: 114.818
Element Type: Metal
Crystal Structure: Tetragonal
Melting Point: 156.6°C = 313.88°F = 429.75 K
Boiling Point: 2072.0°C = 3761.6°F = 2345.15 K
Critical Temp: °C = °F = K
Atomic Radius: 2.0 Å (Å = Angstrom = 10-10 m)
Covalent Radius: 1.44 Å
Electronegativity: 1.78


(from the brilliant indigo line in its spectrum) Discovered by Reich and Richter, wholater isolated the metal. Until 1924, a gram or so constituted the world's supply of thiselement in isolated form. It is probably about as abundant as silver. About 4 million troyounces of indium are now produced annually in the Free World. Canada is presentlyproducing more than 1,000,000 troy ounces annually.


Indium is most frequently associated with zinc materials, and it is from these thatmost commercial indium is now obtained; however, it is also found in iron, lead, andcopper ores.

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