I run a projection booth at a local cinema. My machines run on DC current and the static electricity generated is wreaking havoc with the polyester base prints.How can I eliminate the static electricity from my booth?
Asked by: Patrick Bryant


Patrick, I don't believe the DC your machine is using has anything to do with the static electricity your having trouble with, but I would start by making sure the projector is properly grounded. (Have a local electrician do this if your not sure how) I suspect your machine may be acting like a Van DeGraff generator which moves electrons from one point to another with an insulated belt something like your film. All metal parts of your projector should be grounded and at the same potential so no electrons should move, check this with a meter or have an electrician do it and ground anything that isn't grounded.
Answered by: James Hess, President, Hess Electric, Inc.

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