Physics and Astronomy Departments in Canada

58 Departments

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 Department  Location
1.    Augustana University College   Physics   Camrose
2.    University of Alberta   Physics   Edmonton
3.    University of Calgary   Physics and Astronomy   Calgary
4.    University of Lethbridge   Physics   Lethbridge
5.    Athabasca University   Centre for Science   Athabasca
6.    The King's University College   Astronomy   Edmonton
British Columbia
 Department  Location
1.    Trinity Western University   Physics   Langley
2.    University of Northern British Columbia   Physics   Prince George
3.    Simon Fraser University   Physics   Burnaby
4.    University of Victoria   Physics and Astronomy   Victoria
5.    Capilano College   Physics   North Vancouver
6.    Thompson Rivers University   Physics & Astronomy   Kamloops
7.    University of British Columbia   Physics & Astronomy   Vancouver
8.    University College of the Fraser Valley   Physics   Abbotsford
9.    Okanagan University College   Physics and Astronomy   Kelowna
 Department  Location
1.    Brandon University   Physics   Brandon
2.    University of Manitoba   Physics and Astronomy   Winnipeg
3.    University of Winnipeg   Physics   Winnipeg
New Brunswick
 Department  Location
1.    University of New Brunswick   Physics   Fredericton
2.    Université de Moncton   Physique & Astronomie   Moncton
3.    Mount Allison University   Physics   Sackville
 Department  Location
1.    Memorial University of Newfoundland   Physics & Physical Oceanography   St. John's
Nova Scotia
 Department  Location
1.    Dalhousie University   Physics & Atmospheric Science   Halifax
2.    St. Mary's University   Astronomy and Physics   Halifax
3.    Acadia University   Physics   Wolfville
4.    St. Francis Xavier University   Physics   Antigonish
5.    University College of Cape Breton   Physical and Applied Sciences   Sydney
 Department  Location
1.    Royal Military College of Canada   Physics   Kingston
2.    Ryerson Polytechnic University   Mathematics, Physics and Comp. Sci.   Toronto
3.    Brock University   Physics   St. Catharines
4.    Lakehead University   Physics   Thunder Bay
5.    Wilfrid Laurier University   Physics and Computing   Waterloo
6.    Carleton University   Physics   Ottawa
7.    Queen's University at Kingston   Physics   Kingston
8.    University of Ottawa   Physics   Ottawa
9.    University of Guelph   Physics   Guelph
10.    Laurentian University   Physics & Astronomy   Sudbury
11.    York University   Physics & Astronomy   Toronto
12.    Algoma University College   Physics & Astronomy   Sault Ste. Marie
13.    University of Waterloo   Physics and Astronomy   Waterloo
14.    University of Western Ontario   Physics and Astronomy   London
15.    University of Windsor   Physics   Windsor
16.    University of Toronto   Physics   Toronto
17.    Trent University   Physics and Astronomy   Peterborough
McMaster University   Physics & Astronomy at
McMaster University - Hamilton, Ontario
Astrophysics, Chemical Physics, Condensed Matter, Health&Radiation/Medical Physics, Nuclear Experiment, Optics, Polymer Physics, Theory ... Click here for more info
19.    Redeemer University College   Natural Sciences and Mathematics   Ancaster
Prince Edward Island
 Department  Location
1.    University of Prince Edward Island   Physics   Chalottetown
 Department  Location
1.    Universite de Montreal   Physics   Montreal
2.    Université Laval   physique, génie physique et optique   Quebec
3.    McGill University   Physics   Montreal
4.    Concordia University   Physics   Montreal
5.    Ecole Polytechnique   Physique   Montreal
6.    University of Sherbrooke   Physique   Sherbrooke
7.    Bishop's University   Physics   Sherbrooke
8.    Université Sainte-Anne   Sciences   Pointe-de-l'Église
9.    École Polytechnique de Montreal   Génie physique   Montréal
 Department  Location
1.    University of Regina   Physics   Regina
2.    University of Saskatchewan   Physics & Engineering Physics   Saskatoon