Physics & Astronomy at Dartmouth College


Contact Info
Address:  6127 Wilder Laboratory
Hanover, NH 03755-3528
Phone:  (603) 646-2854
Fax:  (603) 646-1446
Chair: Dr. Mary K. Hudson
General Department Info
  Bachelors Masters Doctorate
Staff & Student
  Faculty: 20
Staff: 8
Post Docs: 4
Grads: 30
Under Grads: 35
  Condensed-matter physics (nanostructures, quantum transport, low-temperature physics, ultrafast scanning tunneling microscopy, superconductivity theory, laser spectroscopy, biomedical optics), plasma and beam physics (magnetohydrodynamics and turbulence, plasma theory and experiment, physics of fusion devices, compact free-electron lasers), space physics (space plasma physics, studies of the ionosphere and magnetosphere, ring-current, and ground-, satellite-, and rocket-based observations of the ionosphere), astronomy (large-scale structure of the universe, supernovae, x-ray binaries, cataclysmic variables), and cosmology (field theory, phase transitions in the early universe).
Facilities:  Research facilities include fast-pulsed lasers and ultrafast imaging systems, scanning tunneling and atomic force microscopes, ultrahigh-vacuum systems,high field magnets, facilities for low-temperature measurements down to .01 Kelvin, plasma chambers, electron beams, and free electron lasers. Complete machine shop and electronic design and fabrication facilities are available. Computer facilities include a network of Silicon Graphics workstations and network access to supercomputing centers. Facilities for nanostructure fabrication include a clean room, thin-film deposition systems, electron-beam lithography, reactive ion etching, and analytical electron microscopes. Astronomical research facilities include the 2.4m Hiltner and 1.3m McGraw-Hill telescopes at Kitt Peak, Arizona. Field work in experimetnal space physics includes rocket- and satellite-based observation as well as travel to the Arctic and Antarctic for ground-based remote sensing. The physical sciences library subscribes to more that 1,500 journals.