Physics and Astronomy Departments in Brazil

35 Departments

 University/College Department  Location
1.    Brazilian Center for Research in Physics   Physics   Sao Paolo  
2.    Catholic University of Brasilia   Physics   Taguatinga  
3.    Catholic University of Pertropolis   Department of Theoretical Physics   Petrópolis  
4.    Estadual Paulista University   Department of Theoretical Physics   Sao Paolo  
5.    Estadual Paulista University   Physics   São José do Rio Preto  
6.    Estadual Paulista University   Physics   Bauru  
7.    Federal University of Espírito Santo   Physics   Vitória, ES  
8.    Federal University of Fluminense   Physics   Niterói  
9.    Federal University of Vicosa   Physics   Viçosa  
10.    Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics   Department of Geophysics   Sao Paolo  
11.    Institute of Nuclear Physics   Physics   Sao Paolo  
12.    Institute of Physics - Sao Carlos   Physics   Sao Carlos  
13.    LAFEX   Department of Astronomy & Physics   Rio de Janeiro  
14.    National Lab of Astrophysics   Department of Astrophysics   Itajuba  
15.    Pontificia Catholic University of Sao Paolo   Physics   Sao Paolo  
16.    Pontificia University of Rio de Janeiro   Physics   Rio de Janeiro  
17.    State University at Campinas   Gleb Wataghin Physics Institute   Campinas  
18.    State University of Alagoas   Physics   Maceió  
19.    State University of Bahia   Physics   Salvador  
20.    State University of Bahia   Department of Geophysics   Salvador  
21.    State University of Ceara   Physics   Fortaleza  
22.    State University of Goias   Physics   Goiânia  
23.    State University of Juiz de Fora   Physics   Juiz de Fora  
24.    State University of Minas Gerais   Physics   Minas Gerais  
25.    State University of Para   Physics   Para  
26.    State University of Parana   Physics   Curitiba  
27.    State University of Pernambuco   Physics   Pernambuco  
28.    State University of Rio de Janeiro   Physics   Rio de Janeiro  
29.    State University of Santa Catarina   Department of Physics & Mathematics   Florianópolis  
30.    State University of Sao Paolo   Department of Biophysics   Sao Paolo  
31.    State University of Uberlandia   Physics   Uberlandia  
32.    University Estadual de Maringá   Physics   Maringa  
33.    University of Brasilia   Physics   Brasilia  
34.    University of Paraiba   Physics   Campina Grande  
35.    University of Sao Paolo   Physics   São Paulo