Physics and Astronomy Departments in UK

62 Departments

 University/College Department  Location
1.    Aberdeen University   Physics   Aberdeen  
2.    Aberdeen University and Grampian University Hospitals   Department of Bio-Medical Physics and Bio-Engineering   Aberdeen  
3.    Anglia Polytechnic University   Department of Maths, Physics and Electronics   Cambridge  
4.    Brunel Univeristy   Physics   Middlesex  
5.    Cambridge University   Physics   Cambridge  
6.    Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils   Daresbury Laboratory   Cheshire  
7.    Glasgow Caledonian University   Physical Sciences   Glasgow  
8.    Heriot-Watt University   Physics   Edinburgh  
9.    Keele University   Physics   Staffordshire  
10.    Lancaster University   Physics   Lancaster  
11.    Loughborough University   Physics   Loughborough  
12.    Napier University   School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences   Edinburgh  
13.    Nottingham Trent University   Chemistry & Physics   Nottingham  
14.    Oxford University   Physics   Oxford  
15.    Queen's University of Belfast   Dept. of Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics   Belfast  
16.    Queen's University of Belfast   Atomistic Simulation Group   Belfast  
17.    The Open University   Physics & Astronomy   Milton Keynes  
18.    The University of Sheffield   Physics & Astronomy   Sheffield  
19.    The University of Sussex   Physics & Astronomy   Falmer  
20.    The University of Sussex   Physics & Astronomy Department   BRIGHTON  
21.    UMIST   Physics   Manchester  
22.    University College - London   Physics & Astronomy   London  
23.    University College London   Department of Medical Physics and Bioengineering   London  
24.    University of Aberdeen   School of Physics   Glos  
25.    University of Aberdeen   Physics   Aberdeen  
26.    University of Bath   Physics   Bath  
27.    University of Birmingham   Physics & Astronomy   Birmingham  
28.    University of Bradford   Department of Industrial Technology   Bradford  
29.    University of Bristol   Physics   Bristol  
30.    University of Cambridge   The Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Superconductivity   Cambridge  
31.    University of Central Lancashire   Department of Physics, Astronomy & Mathematics   Preston  
32.    University of Dundee   Department of Electronic Engineering and Physics   Dundee  
33.    University of Durham   Physics & Astronomy   Durham  
34.    University of Edinburgh   Physics & Astronomy   Edinburgh  
35.    University of Exeter   School of Physics   Exeter  
36.    University of Glasgow   Physics & Astronomy   Glasgow  
37.    University of Hertfordshire   Physics & Astronomy   Hatfield  
38.    University of Hull   Physics   Hull  
39.    University of Kent at Canterbury   School of Physical Sciences   Canterbury  
40.    University of Leeds   Physics & Astronomy   Leeds  
41.    University of Leicester   Physics & Astronomy   Leicester  
42.    University of Liverpool   Physics   Liverpool  
43.    University of London - Imperial College   Physics   London  
44.    University of London - Queen Mary   Physics   London  
45.    University of London-Birkbeck   Theoretical Physics Research Unit   London  
46.    University of London-King's College   Physics   London  
47.    University of London-Royal Holloway   Physics   Surrey  
48.    University of Manchester   Physics & Astronomy   Manchester  
49.    University of Newcastle   Physics   Newcastle upon Tyne  
50.    University of Nottingham   School of Physics and Astronomy   Nottingham  
51.    University of Paisley   Division of Electronic Engineering and Physics   PAISLEY  
52.    University of Reading   Physics   Reading  
53.    University of Salford   Physics   Salford  
54.    University of Southampton   Physics & Astronomy   Southampton  
55.    University of St Andrews   School of Physics & Astronomy   Fife  
56.    University of Strathclyde   Department of Physics and Applied Physics   Glasgow  
57.    University of Surrey   Physics   Surrey  
58.    University of Wales - Aberystwyth   Physics   Aberystwyth  
59.    University of Wales - Cardiff   Physics & Astronomy   Cardiff  
60.    University of Wales - Swansea   Physics   Swansea  
61.    University of Warwick   Physics   Coventry  
62.    University of York   Physics   Heslington