Where can I get a list of friction coefficients for different materials?

Asked by: Ahmed H


Coefficients of friction must be given for two materials, not one. Therefore there is no coefficient of friction for steel for example. There is a coefficient of friction for 'steel on steel'. If we think this way it is not realistic to have all coefficients of frictions for all material pairs listed. However, if you mean whether there is any list for at least some material pairs (especially those we face with everyday life) then you can look up in: CRC Handbook of Physical Quantities, Boca Raton : CRC Press, c1997, p 145-156. Some textbooks also have some limited amount of data, for example, this is what you can find in Serway Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 4th edition (p. 126.):

MaterialsCoeff. of
Static Friction
Greek letter mus
Coeff. of
Kinetic Friction
Greek letter muk
Steel on Steel0.740.57
Aluminum on Steel0.610.47
Copper on Steel0.530.36
Rubber on Concrete1.00.8
Wood on Wood0.25 - 0.50.2
Glass on Glass0.940.4
Waxed wood on Wet snow0.140.1
Waxed wood on Dry snow-0.04
Metal on Metal (lubricated)0.150.06
Ice on Ice0.10.03
Teflon on Teflon0.040.04
Synovial joints in humans0.010.003

Answered by: Ertan Salik, M.A. Physics, USC