Can you hit a golfball into orbit on the moon?

Asked by: Eric


The escape velocity of an object from the surface of any planet, moon or star is:


Where G is the universal gravitational constant, M is the mass, and R is the radius of the planet, moon or star.

G=6.673 x 10-11Nm/kg2
Mass of the moon = 7.36 x 1022kg
Mean radius of the moon = 1.74 x 106m

The escape velocity from the surface of the moon is approximately 2380 m/s. In conclusion I think it is obvious to the most casual observer that it is not possible for a human to drive a golf ball at these speeds. No, you cannot hit a golf ball into orbit on the moon.
Answered by: Fred Cordova, None, Junior Math/Mech Engr Student, Walla Walla College