Physics and Astronomy News Archive: February 2016

Image: Robotic Fingers with a Gentle Touch
Robotic Fingers with a Gentle Touch
Source: EPFL   Posted: 2/6/16
EPFL Scientists have developed a new soft robotic gripper -- made out of rubber and stretchable electrodes -- that can bend and pick up delicate objects like eggs and paper, taking robotics to a whole new level.

Image: Electrons and Liquid Helium
Electrons and Liquid Helium
Source: OIST   Posted: 2/4/16
Research conducted by the OIST could represent an important step in understanding two-dimensional semiconductors. They found anomalies in the behavior of electrons in electrons on liquid helium two-dimensional system.

Image: Understanding the Magnetic Sun
Understanding the Magnetic Sun
Source: NASA   Posted: 2/2/16
Brief overview of the sun's invisible magnetic field which is responsible for everything from the solar explosions that cause space weather on Earth – such as auroras – to the interplanetary magnetic field.

Image: Switching light with a silver atom
Switching light with a silver atom
Source: ETH   Posted: 2/2/16
Researchers at ETH have created the world’s smallest integrated optical switch. Applying a small voltage causes an atom to relocate, turning the switch on or off.